Deep Sea DSE7310 Auto Start Control Panel

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The DSE7310 Auto Start Control Panel

The DSE7310 is an Auto Start Control Panel that monitors every important aspect of generator set performance, and displays that information along with any relevant warnings. It is suitable for use with either diesel or gas generator sets, and literally acts as the gen-set’s eyes and ears, providing constant feedback via illuminated LEDs, the back-lit LCD screen, remote PC, and (using an external modem) SMS text alerts. 

In addition to its monitoring and warning functions, it is capable of managing several key protections for the engine, so that valuable equipment is shielded from damage during operation. It is an extremely flexible module, compatible with either electronic or non-electronic engines, it can be set up to work with a number of different inputs and outputs, and is configurable to a great extent with the DSE Configuration Suite PC software.

One of the most obvious benefits of this control panel is its crystal clear display, which has a 132 x 64 pixel ratio for maximum clarity in presentation. Its internal clock allows for multiple date and time scheduling, as well as maintenance scheduling to maintain optimum performance, and is also coupled with the event logging system to record all activities within the generator set. 

The versatility of this module is a real strong point, since it can be setup for use in several different ways. It can provide advanced remote monitoring via Ethernet communications, it can be integrated into building management systems (BMS), it can be configured for greatly increased input/output capability via DSEnet, and the included PLC editor allows an operator to program selected additional functions for desired applications.

There is a whole catalog of operating features that the DSE7310 control module offers for advanced management of a generator set, starting with its user-friendly five-key menu navigation. Some of the warnings it provides are its low fuel and fuel usage alarms, maintenance alarms, and the charge alternator failure alarm, plus many of its other alarms are configurable.

The protection controls can be disabled if desired, but when in effect these protections include manual fuel pump control, unbalanced load protection, load switching, idle control for starting and stopping, and reverse power protection. 

One of the features that makes this module so universally appealing is the ability to customize and configure so much of its basic operation, including inputs, outputs, displays, timers, event logging, functions, alarms, controls, communications, and its Gencomm pages. 

Buyers may be completely confident that this product is 100% certified new and original, and not a cheap imitation part offered by the Chinese aftermarket. This high quality control module is engineered and manufactured exclusively by DEEPSEA ELECTRONICS in the U.K., the company that is now the largest independent manufacturer of generator control products in the world. DEEPSEA ELECTRONICS is not only committed to the highest standards of quality with its products, but offers that same commitment to customer service - the DSE7310 module is kept available in stock and when purchased, it is shipped on the same day to any international address.

The DSE7310 Auto Start Control Panel


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