How Much Should You Budget for a Backup Generator?

How Much Should You Budget for a Backup Generator?

If you’ve suffered through one too many power outages, whether from an overloaded grid or an emergency, you know the impact of losing electricity. At home, you lose heat or cooling, and you can be cut off from information you need. At your business, you’re losing customers and profits because of downtime.

Buying a backup generator is an important decision, and there are many factors to consider. The number of choices that await you can make it a complicated process. For example, you need to think about details such as certification, enclosure and configuration, and more.

Of course another consideration is price. A backup generator is no small expense, so it makes sense to do the research so you get what you need without spending too much. You also don’t want to underspend and find yourself underpowered.

Let General Power walk you through some of the options for a good backup generator and what each can cost, so you can begin budgeting for your purchase. Learn more below.

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