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STAMFORD MX341 AVR E000-23412/1P

Stamford's MX341 Voltage Regulator provides safe, steady and controlled generator output voltage


  • Stamford Voltage Regulator E000-23412/1P

  • FG Wilson Voltage Regulator 594-003 AVR

  • Olympian Voltage Regulator 594-003 AVR

The Stamford MX341 Voltage Regulator AVR provides a steady, safe and controlled buildup of generator output voltage, making this voltage regulator a multifaceted yet stable model, which can be paired with similar products. This 100 percent original product, purchased directly from the original manufacturer, is backed by a certificate of authenticity and available for same-day shipping internationally.

Product overview 

The MX341 features a two-phase Automatic Voltage regulator, which makes up a part of the excitations system for the brushless generator.

The MX341 features a three-phase permanent magnet generator (PMG). This helps to ensure low Radio Frequency Interference and helps protect against thyristor type loads. 

Additionally, this ensures preset output voltage specifications are maintained by feeding power to the exciter stator and main rotor in a controlled way. It does so by compensating for the temperature, load, power and speed of the generator. 

Safety benefits

The AVR circuitry has a number of protective features to ensure control over the generator, and the inclusion of soft start circuitry provides a smooth buildup of output voltage. The MX341 monitors the shaft speed of the generator and ensures the excitation system is provided with under-speed protection.

Additionally, the MX341 features turbocharged engines with improved frequency recovery time thanks to an adjustable volts/Hz slope.

Stamford’s MX341 provides a number of features that grant the user more control over the generator, and that guarantee safety in the process.

The AVR output device has an internal shutdown ability, to prevent uncontrolled over-excitation, and until the the generator is shut down this remains latched. The user has greater control of the generator’s output, thanks to a provision that allows a remote voltage trimmer to be connected. The soft start circuit provides a linear rising voltage, and the stability circuit provides adjustable ac feedback to maintain steady performance of the control system.

The MX341 features an overload detector, which shuts down the output device if overloads last more than 10 seconds. The overload detector continuously monitors the excitation level and sends shutdown signals. If overload occurs, the generator will be stopped and will need to be reset.

Other benefits

Aside from the appealing safety and control benefits, the AVR features a droop C.T. connection and has the capacity to operate with similar products. Moreover, the MX341 has an engine relief circuit to aid engine speed recovery time after a “block” load. 

Quality assurance

This is not a Chinese clone aftermarket part. The MX341 is a 100 percent certified Stamford original product. Each unit is serialized, purchased directly from the manufacturer, and is backed by a certificate of authenticity. 
Purchase includes a one-year international warranty and technical support. The product is available in stock. Same-day shipping is available worldwide. 

About the manufacturer

Stamford is a division of Cummins Generator Technologies, which produces the world’s broadest range of ac generators from .6 to 20,000 kVA. Based out of the United Kingdom, Stamford is part of the brand that is renowned worldwide for its built-in quality and ac generators. 

In closing, thanks to a series of features, the Stamford MX341 provides safe, controlled buildup of generator output. The MX341 is yet another quality good from Stamford, which has a strong reputation of manufacturing topnotch, reliable products.


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