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The Mecc Alte SR7-2G is an extreme, heavy duty regulator with a small, compact design. The SR7 takes up a little space in the generator terminal box. It has all standard features, from lower or raising the voltage to changing stability. This regulator is equipped with an overload and low protection, with easy to maneuver threshold. It works great in 50/60 Hz applications and is an ideal choice for your everyday generator usage.

The AVR SR7-2G are generally used on ECO32 generator ends. With the latest technology in power regulation, this automatic voltage regulator can support voltage regulation starting from ECO28 to ECO32 generator ends.

Setting it apart from the rest, the SR7-2G has a unique feature that enables superb stabilizing by the turn of the pot.

The SR7-2G replaced the SR7-1, no modifications or retrofitting needed, just review the manual before installation.

CE and CSA rated.

Mecc Alte SR7-2G Features and Capabilities:

  • Full digital controlled regulator, based on DSP
  • On-board machine installation
  • Suitable for all self-regulated alternators
  • Voltage supply: 40Vac - 270Vac (from auxiliary winding, output voltage or PMG)
  • Frequency range: 12Hz - 72Hz
  • “Sensing” of voltage with true rms or average measurement (70÷280 Vac)
  • Maximum continuous output current: 4Adc
  • Precision of voltage regulation: ± 1% from no-load to nominal load in static condition, with any power factor and for frequency variations ranging from -5% to +20% of the nominal value
  • Transient power drops and overvoltage within ± 15%
  • Voltage recovery time within ± 3% of the value set, in less than 300 msec.
  • Transient overvoltage during start up: less than 5% of nominal voltage.
  • Single phase sensing
  • Parameters: VOLT, STAB, AMP and Hz can be set with trimmers (default) 50/60Hz through a “jumper” (default); all parameters can be programmed via software.
  • Analogical remote control of output voltage is possible through external voltage (0÷2,5Vdc) or with a 10 Kohm linear potentiometer.
  • Environmental temperature: -25°C - +70°C
  • Underspeed protection with adjustable threshold and slope
  • Overvoltage and undervoltage alarms
  • Excitation overcurrent protection with delayed intervention
  • Management of temporary short circuits (start up of asynchronous motors)
  • Open collector output (not insulated) signalling intervention of protective devices (insulation on optional DI1 module) with programmable activation with respect to the individual alarms and the possibility to delay intervention.
  • Abnormal operation conditions storage (type of alarm, number of events, duration of the last event, total time)
  • Memorization of the regulator operation time (starting from revision 11 of the Firmware)
  • RS232 and RS485 serial communications interface (with optional DI1 module)  

Mecc Alte SR7-2G Product Description

The Mecc Alte SR7-2G is designed to control many different types of generators. However, it must be properly configured to obtain the best performance.


Mecc Alte Spa voltage regulator, brand new, original

Part Numbers

SR7-1, SR7-2, GEAVRSR7, SDMO 330432237, SDMO 330430237, POWEMATE 0057453


Meccalte SPA


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