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Marathon SE350 Voltage Regulator AVR

The Marathon SE350 voltage regulator is a critical generator component, ensuring that your generator output voltage is reliable and of high quality. The AVR is a small, but economical, part that controls and regulates the production of voltage by your generator at home or work. 

In the majority of applications, the loads fluctuate and are sometimes unpredictable; your AVR is the component charged with ensuring that Marathon alternator is responsive. This means that the alternator is better capable of quickly responding and adapting to load impacts during all operational stages. 

The Marathon SE350 is a 100% certified original product exclusively manufactured and engineered by Marathon Electric from the United States. Since 1913, Marathon Electric has produced high quality electric products for various business and residential applications. 

This AVR will ensure that you have a constant and stable supply of power in your home or business. 

How does the Marathon SE350 voltage regulator AVR work?

  1. Inside the Marathon generator alternator there is a small magnetic field created by the generator’s motion. The magnetic field creates residual voltage on the generator’s windings. 
  2. The AVR then steps in and derives excitation from the residual voltage, creating more voltage on the generator’s exciter until the required voltage level is achieved.
  3. The AVR continuously monitors the output voltage ensuring that the input voltage to the generator’s exciter is controlled through proportionally reducing or increasing the generator control voltage.
  4. During its operation, the AVR runs calculations on the output voltage required by the exciter every few seconds. This helps to create a steady output voltage based on set points to compensate for the generator’s power factor, temperature, engine speed and load.

Marathon SE350 Voltage Regulator Features and Capabilities:

  • 4 A, 250 V fuse found in the rear face of the AVR
  • Screwdriver adjustable potentiometer for adjusting your generator’s output voltage and system stability
  • Option of adding a remote voltage adjust rheostat by removing a jumper wire
  • One year international warranty
  • 24/7 Access to a professional and friendly technical support team

Marathon SE350 Voltage Regulator Product Information

The Marathon SE350 will automatically take care of any anomalies in your generator output voltage, ensuring the safety of your loved ones, workers, and equipment from the hazards associated with unreliable voltages. You do not have to be there physically to monitor the operation of the AVR. 

Sensing & Power Input

190-240 Vac


500 VA

Output Power - Continuous

73 Vdc at 3.5 Adc (255w) 

Output Power - Forcing (240 Vac Input Power)

105 Vdc at 5 Adc (525w)



Remote Voltage Adjustment Range

± 10% with 2000 ohm rheostat 

± 5% with l000 ohm rheostat 

Frequency Compensation


Roll Off Frequency

54-61 Hz for 60 Hz 

45-51 Hz for 50 Hz 

Operation Weight

6.5 oz.

Operating Temperature

-40°C to +60°C

Storage Temperature

-65°C to +85°C

Power Dissipation

8 Watts maximum


3.94" L X 2.66” W X 2.20: H

Voltage Buildup

Internal provisions for automatic voltage build up from generator residual voltage as low as 10 Vac. 

EMI Suppression

Internal Electromagnetic Interference Filter (EMI Filter)

There are no Chinese aftermarket market parts in this product. With an original Marathon SE350 voltage regulator, you can rest assured that your critical equipment will operate within the voltage ranges recommended by manufacturers and run as expected. 

When you choose to buy original Marathon products, know that you are purchasing the best performance, warranty, quality and peace of mind.


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