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Leroy Somer R450 Voltage Regulator AVR


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The R450 Voltage Regular Automatic Voltage Regulator was engineered and is manufactured exclusively by Leroy Somer, a French division of Emerson. Leroy Somer is the world’s largest AC Alternator manufacturer. The Leroy Somer R450, a quality, original product made in France, has a one year international warranty and technical support.

This brand new product is in stock and offers same day shipping worldwide.

The R450 offers single phase voltage sensing, and is designed for use with SHUNT/AREP and PMG excitation alternators. A switch on the unit is used to set it for either SHUNT/AREP or PMG use as desired.

The AREP excitation is powered by two auxiliary windings that are not incorporated into the voltage sensing circuit. The first, SHUNT, winding’s voltage is about the same as the alternator main voltage. The second winding has voltage that is about the same as the stator current, and provides a booster effect. The power supply voltage is rectified and filtered.

PMG excitation supplies the R450 with voltage separate from the main alternator winding, and provides a short-circuit current capacity of 3 IN for 10s. The R450 adjusts the excitation current to monitor the alternator output current.

The R450 enclosure must be used in an environment that ensures an international protection rating of IP20 against objects touching the moving parts of the unit.

Specifications of the Leroy Somer R450 Voltage Regulator AVR:

The casing of the R450 Voltage Regulator was made to be mounted on a panel with dampers. It has a maximum power supply of 150V - 50/60 Hz and rated overload current of 10A - 10s.

Operating temperature ranges from -30°C to +65° C. 
Storage temperature ranges from -55°C to +85°C. 
Shocks on the base are 9 g, depending on the 3 axes. 
Vibrations of less than 10 Hz, 2 mm half-peak amplitude 10 Hz to 100 Hz: 100 mm/s, above 100 Hz: 8 g.

Features of the Leroy Somer R450 Voltage Regulator AVR: 

LED light indicators are designed to let you know let you know the status of the R450. The green LED lights up when the R450 is operating normally. It turns off when the excitation ceiling is reached and when excitation current is shut down. The lights flash when there is a reduction of the over excitation counter. The voltage will be limited to 70 percent of the rated voltage after a short circuit.

The red and the green LEDs light if the continuous operation threshold continues for more than 90 secs, and flashes when the excitation is above the continuous operation threshold for fewer than 90 secs.

When voltage fluctuates, the R450’s soft voltage recovery function helps it return to its rated speed faster by supplying a gradual increase in voltage. This function is designed to minimize operating problems. 

The Leroy Somer R450 Voltage Regulator AVR is suitable for use in harsh environments and can withstand high levels of vibration. It is compatible with other Leroy Somer modules to give it additional functions that may be desired.


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