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Leroy Somer R250 100% Original French Voltage Regulator AVR for SHUNT Alternators


  • Leroy Somer Voltage Regulator AEM110RE019 AVR

  • SDMO Voltage Regulator 330410933 AVR

  • SDMO Voltage Regulator R250330410345 AVR

  • FG Wilson Voltage Regulator 10000-12943 AVR

  • Olympian Voltage Regulator 10000-12943 AVR


  • Leroy Somer Voltage Regulator R230 AVR

When your generator starts producing unreliable, unstable or even weak voltage outputs, most probably your business machines are at risk of getting destroyed. It is critical that you ensure that the SHUNT alternator on your generator produces regular voltages. The 100% original Leroy Somer R250 AVR is one way of ensuring that your business does not experience any downtime. The AVR will also ensure that your business critical equipment is safe. 

What is an Automatic Voltage Regulator?

The Leroy Somer R250 Voltage Regulator AVR is an analog Automatic Voltage Regulator (A.V.R.) and is power controlled via transistors. The R250 AVR is designed for small/low voltage alternators used in applications such as stand-by, rental, agriculture, marine, telecom, and construction. 

The Leroy Somer R250 AVR is designed to maintain a constant voltage level automatically. The AVR has several components like diodes, microcontrollers, potentiometers, capacitors, and resistors placed on its circuit board. It is mounted near your generated and connected via several wires to measure and adjust the generator output voltage. 

How Does the Leroy Somer R250 AVR work?

The role of Leroy Somer R250 Voltage Regulator AVR, P/N AEM110RE019 is to ensure that your generator’s output voltage remains stable. The AVR strengthens the current set on an exciter. Should the generator output voltage fall below the nominal voltage, the AVR kicks in to improve the flow on the exciter. 

Vice versa, if your generator output voltage exceeds the set nominal voltage, R250 will reduce the flow on the exciter. This means your generator’s output voltage changes are stabilized by the Leroy Somer R250 automatically protecting your essential electrical tools and equipment from electrical surges. 

Features of Leroy Somer R250 Automatic Voltage AVR:

The SHUNT system excitation alternator is automatically excited with the R250 AVR voltage regulator. Since the SHUNT excitation alternators such as LSA 47.2, 46.2, 44.2, 43.2, and 42.2 do not have a short circuit capacity, the regulator steps in to control excitation current in response to alternator output voltage. 

The I.E.C 60034-1 standard compliant and U.L. 508/C.S.A. approved Leroy Somer R250 Voltage Regulator AVR, P/N AEM110RE019 offers you the following features: 

• Voltage regulation at +/- 0.5% of constant speed and steady rate
• Regulation value does not depend on the load applied
• It is applicable in harsh environments with elevated levels of vibration
• Offers a fast response time of 500 ms for transitory voltage variation of +/- 20%
• Phase to neutral voltage sensing
• Management of impact loads using the latest microprocessor technology
• Supply voltage/range detection of 85 through 139 v 
• F1 slow fuse of 250 v 8 A (capable of supporting 10 A for 10 seconds and a breaking capacity of 30 kA)
• Potentiometer P1 for Voltage setting
• Potentiometer P2 for Stability setting
• The option of adding an external potentiometer for remotely adjusting voltage
• The 50 Hz/60 Hz frequency selector for LAM (Load Acceptance Module) adjustment and U/F function

Benefits offered by the R250 voltage regulator:

Purchasing the Leroy Somer R250 voltage regulator AVR offers you a 100% certified original (0% China) aftermarket part engineered and manufactured exclusively by Leroy Somer from France. Leroy Somer is a division of the Emerson Electric group as well as the largest manufacturer of AC alternators in the world. The French company employs 9,700 professionals working in 32 production units in over 470 service and sales outlets worldwide. 

Benefits that come along with your purchase include: 

• Same day shipping to wherever you are worldwide
• 1-year international warranty
• Professional technical support
• Parts are always available in stock

Choosing original, individually factory tested and certified components for your generator is as critical as purchasing the right power generator for your home or business. 

The Leroy Somer R250 AVR is backed by Leroy Somer’s Electric Power Generation (EPG) division that offers the largest range of products suitable for a vast variety of applications. This means that the AVR will ensure that all your equipment is working in a safe environment as per the manufacturers guidelines. 

The R250 offers your business technology that is recognized in the power generation industry for its capacity to meet customer needs wherever you are worldwide. As you buy original generator parts, remember you are purchasing success, performance, warranty, quality, and best of all, peace of mind.


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