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The 200 series regulators are shunt regulators, that is they tap off field current from the alternator, which control the voltage or the cosÌ_åÛåÎÌÐ of the alternator by adjus- ting the field current in the exciter field coil. They can operate alone or with a short circuit corrector, also called a parallel booster in the event that a short circuit current is necessary or when large auxiliaries need to be started. They are completely encapsulated and are suitable for fitting inside or outside the machine.


  • Sensing input : < 2VA isolated by internal transformer
  • Power input : 630VA 100V single-phase or 63V three- phase 50/60 Hz maximum
  • TI input parallel operation : 1Amp, 1VA
  • Power output : 63V 7Amp continuous with 90V 10Amp peaks
  • Exciter resistance : 9 Ohms minimum
  • Regulation precision :± 1% of Un and ± 0.02 of cos at rated power
  • Temperature shift : 1% of Un for delta T ambient of - 20 to 25 ?????????????C or 25????????????? to 70 ?????????????C
  • Response time : < 10 ms - Operating temperature : -20 ?????????????C to +70 C
  • Storage temperature : -40 ?????????????C to +85 ?????????????C
  • Size :
    height 115 mm
    width 115 mm
    depth 230 mm
    weight 1 kg (2 Lbs)



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