Deep Sea DSE7210 Auto Start Control Panel

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Deep Sea DSE7210 Auto Start Control Panel

Featuring an easy to read LCD display and top quality manufacturing, the Deep Sea SE7210 is an auto start control module that is an ideal addition to your power system. Whether you use an electronic (CAN) or non electronic (magnetic pick-up/alternator sensing) engine, the DSE7210 is an ideal addition to your system.

What is an auto start control panel?

An auto start control panel monitors your engine performance. It displays warnings, shutdown and engine status information in an easy to read panel. It also offers a number of features that make it an ideal choice for a large range of single, diesel or gas, gen-set applications. The ability to work with both electronic and non electronic engines makes this unit a highly adaptable choice for many applications. The added benefits of the DSE7210 include:

• A real time clock, offering you accurate event logging.
• Scheduling of multiple dates and times for maintenance.
• Configuration of maintenance to ensure optimum engine performance.
• USB connectivity for extended logging and monitoring.

The Deep Sea auto start control panel offers monitoring of your system, providing essential information about the performance of your engines. With a four line backlit LCD text display, LED indicators, and a five key navigation, it is easy to use. This ensures that you can always understand the status of your system. The ability to edit through the front panel makes operation easy, while PIN protection ensures that only authorized people will be able to edit the DSE 7210's settings.

With six configurable inputs and eight configurable outputs, the DSE 7210 can monitor a variety of engine parameters. By correctly monitoring your engine performance, you can ensure that you have reliable, correctly operating power at all times. With maintenance and testing settings available, the DES 7210 is able to provide you full time monitoring and logging of events.

Among the Deep Sea DSE 7210 auto start control panel's features are:

• CAN and Magnetic Pick-up/Alt. sensing
• Fuel usage monitor and low fuel alarms
• Charge alternator failure alarm
• Manual speed control (on compatible CAN engines)
• Manual fuel pump control
• Engine exerciser
• kW & kV Ar overload protection
• Reverse power (kW & kV Ar) protection
• Power monitoring (kW h, kV Ar, kV A h, kV Ar h)
• Load switching (load shedding and dummy load outputs)
• Unbalanced load protection
• True dual mutual standby with load balancing timer 
• Remote SCADA monitoring via DSE Configuration Suite PC software

Advantages of your DSE7210 auto start control panel

Deep Sea Electronics is known as the largest independent generator control manufacturer in the world. Based in the UK, the company is known for its excellent products that offer reliable, high quality performance. The Deep Sea DES7210 auto start control panel is a 100% certified original product. We only supply original products, not Chinese clone aftermarket parts. This is backed up with a one year international warranty and technical support. Your Deep Sea Auto Start Control Panel also comes with:

• Knowledgeable technical support
• In stock availability
• Same day worldwide shipping


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