McPherson SS053 Universal Voltage Regulator

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* This product replaces the Basler KR4FFMX.
* Not to be used for paralell use

4 Wire Method Jumper from A to Bconnected

SS053 is factory set for 240V 60Hz with a short from (B to A) and the dip switches set at (1 OFF) - (2 ON) - (3 ON)

In this configuration It works like most AVRs in any 12 wire generators sets from 190 to 277 volts with the exciter field from 13 to 100 Ohms.

In this configuration the power and sensing are connected together into terminals C & BA, and the output terminals are connected to F+ and F-. Like this it can work in a multitude of configuration. See Fig 1, 2, 3, and 4.