Grameyer Automatic Voltage Regulator GRT7-TH4 R2 AVR

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The GRT7-TH4 R2 automatic analog voltage regulators are compact products featuring high
reliability and low price, which were designed with state-of-the-art technology for voltage regulation of brushless synchronous generators.
Their control and regulation circuits use semiconductors and integrated circuits duly tested following the most demanding quality requirements. It doesn’t utilize mechanical components for field flashing since its system is completely static. It is encapsulated in resin suitable for maritime environment and withstands vibrations up to 5Gs. It is fitted with internal voltage adjustment by trimpot and external by potentiometer .
The stability of the system is controlled through trimpots that adjust proportional and integral gains, allowing a wide adjustment range and permitting the operation of the regulator with several types of generators, covering a large number of dynamic characteristics.
It features under frequency protection (U/F limiter which does not permit that the generator to be excited during the turn off procedures or with a rotation decrease), whose intervention point is adjustable by trimpot, and the rated operation frequency can be configured for 50Hz or 60Hz operation.