Deep Sea Electronics DSE810 PC Interface, Leads & Config.

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The 810 PC Software Configuration Interface is designed for use with the DSE5xx, DSE5xxx, DSE4200 and DSE710/720 range of modules. It is intended to be used in conjunction with the DSE P810 For MS-Windows™ configuration software. The interface enables the user to access the configuration stored within the module to allow changes to be made to the various settings.

The interface kit comprises of:

* Interface module
* 25 way to 9 way RS232 adapter cable
* Interconnecting FCC 68- 8way cable which connects to the appropriate
* connector on the module. Software diskettes (or a CD) containing the P810 for Windows PC Software
* and various module) Configuration files to aid rapid module configuration.
Also included on the disk is a MS Word™ template, this can be used to make labels for the configurable LED’s on the module to identify their function. A slot is provided behind the clear window in the label for this, accessed by removing the front bezel.

The software will offer the user the following options:

* LOAD previous configurations from disk.
* SAVE new configurations to disk.
* READ the existing configuration from the module.
* WRITE a new configuration to the module.
* EDIT the configuration currently loaded in the PC.
* PRINT the configuration currently loaded in the PC.
* View the ‘SCADA’ display from the module.
* SET- UP the software such as COM port selection.
* QUIT back to Ms-Windows™.
* Set- up the Optional Remote
* Telemetry & Control functions