Deep Sea Electronics DSE521 Auto Start Control Module

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The Model 521 is an Automatic Engine Control Module designed to automatically start and stop the engine. Indicating operational status and fault conditions, it will automatically shut down the engine and indicate engine failure by flashing LED on the front panel. Other simultaneous faults are indicated by steady LED.

Selected operational sequences, timers and alarms can be altered by the customer by using a PC and the 808 interface. This also provides the operator with ‘real-time’ diagnostic facilities to monitor the operation of the system either locally or remotely.

Remote PC-controlled engine starting and stopping is also featured. Operation of the module is via a three position rotary switch (key-switch option available) mounted on the front panel with STOP, AUTO and MANUAL positions.

Microprocessor control allows for enhanced operation. The module features a comprehensive list of timers and pre-configured sequences. This allows complex specifications to be achieved.